our story

La Vie En Rose Cafe is crafted by owner Kirby Jones, who has been inspired by Louis Armstrong's beautiful rendition of the famous Edith Pilaf song. A New Orleans native with local family ties dating back to the late 1800’s, Kirby brings to La Vie En Rose Cafe years of Barista experience, a deep knowledge of Creole traditions, and a long appreciation for coffee. Kirby’s coffee obsession began when she was two years old, when her grandmother, who lived across from the sugarcane fields in Lutcher, LA, gave her a cup of coffee and a slice of bunny bread to dip into it. Kirby’s family has always come together and continuously unites over traditional New Orleans Creole food, and she is excited to share those customs with her customers through La Vie En Rose Cafe. La Vie En Rose Cafe strives to continue producing the authentic recipes passed on by generations of the owner’s Louisiana and New Orleans Creole heritage. We are committed to providing locally sourced products to remain true to our Creole culture. All items are sourced from local farmers and small businesses throughout New Orleans and surrounding areas.